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Embracing Changes in this New Normal

It’s very important to know that we have a choice in EVERYTHING (except life and death), because it helps us in decision-making. And maybe no one has dared say yet, but the process of making decisions is a messy, confusing one! You, like me, might have found yourself saying, “I didn’t have any choice…” I'm sure, even the daily dish planning is one for the books of hard-to-decide list!

But we do have that choice, no matter how hard it is to make sometimes. I take this in light of my parenting journey. I grew up hearing a lot of these, “You have to do this, because you need to.” or “You can’t do that! Stop! No!” or “Do it or else… (continue with some unreasonable consequence)” And I had to do some mindset shifts so now I try my best to find moments where I can let my boys have a say in instances so they can practice their decision-making.

One example was just the other night (when son was still insisting to play), “You know what, it’s almost bedtime. Do you want to still play? That means we won’t have a long story time. But if we pack away now, we can have enough time for our storytelling. What do you think?” And simple as it may sound, he did some thinking! Amazing!

So with all the musings, here, we offer you this month's inspirational calendar! Click the image below to save it right in your computer!

Aside from the monthly inspiration calendar, my partner in The Connected Village, Bea, have made this beautiful Heart Connection Countdown Printable with me- all FREE! Go ahead, claim it by clicking here!

In this February freebie, we’re starting a Connection Countdown to encourage talks about what love is, since it’s love month! We are keeping it real by introducing the beautiful feeling of love, and laying down its many definitions. We hope this can be the start of a new family tradition where we get to know how love can be brave and courageous, and how we can love ourselves, and how we can be there for someone, and many more!

So now back to the things we CAN control, and things we CAN’T. You might have already practiced your decision-making skills. But as long as we don’t recognize there are just things we can’t control (like others’ behavior and actions, the weather, accidents, etc.), we might end up feeling miserable, or we might just be continuing the blame game (blaming ourselves for the failures, or blaming others).

Don’t you feel stressed, too, when you feel you have no control over things? It takes mindful practice over many instances to “let go” and then focus our energies on the things we CAN control.

Then we can finally embrace the sudden changes. The year 2020 is one BIG lesson on just that.

May the love that weaved these words be sent to your being, and power your days! (Click the logo below to join our Connected Village!)


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