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Waiting Sucks! (But is All Necessary)

"Pay now or pay bigger! Help you and your child embrace the healthy struggle (commotion) of waiting." -Dr. Fay

Let us help you teach your kid how to wait!

Patience is one of the essential elements of success. Truth is, it is THE key ingredient to learning anything in this world.

Waiting is in every way part of our life, and we recognize our babies were not born with the natural ability to do so. I am sure, you know many who do NOT hesitate to show their displeasure about waiting.

Why do parents give in to these displeasures? Can't handle the tantrums? Want to get it over and done with? Want a peaceful time "just this once"? We hear you!

We at Present Parenting Solutions acknowledge the hard work of teaching our kids resilience, patience, and every nitty gritty thing in between. In fact, we embrace it- tantrums, bruises, drama, outside glares and all. It takes time, mindful practice, and yes- you guessed it- patience.

And you know what? We fail and fall over the waiting game ourselves. So we try again, more present this time, as we model and win it.

Deepy and simply because we understand that consequences and stakes are higher if we don't DO it NOW.

Need help? Let's talk!

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