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We are empowered by the following principles:

"I am what I think you think I am."      - your little one

Our parenting beliefs- beliefs of how children should be raised- affect the way we “parent”.


Some do in fear; others do because they think children need to be trained, carefully controlled, loaded and equipped with lessons. We see that rebellious, strong-willed kid. Or that little one who “gives us a hard time”. We say to our mind, "If this child doesn't listen to me, how will he fare in the future? What would people say about me? I must make him obey."


When these fears get the best of us, and fully control the way we act, our children lose their authentic self- replaced by what-should-be’s. We may not see, that through all these tantrums, our child actually just wants to connect. He just couldn't express it.


When we are present, we become better in watching and learning from our child; we follow their lead, simply because NOONE ELSE can.


That’s why I keep doing what I do.


Let’s look in, at how we parent, at how we nurture our child’s inner voice. The relationship we build with our child- and more importantly, with ourselves- will determine how life would be for our family AND for our children's future. 


And then, let’s look through and see our child for who they are.  Look through the cries, the bouts of anger, and the defiance.


Remember those days? Look back at how your child had mostly been.


Our children are beautifully made, and will always be innately good and pure and kind.






PPS offers  the following:


  • a walk-through towards a meaningful paradigm shift and a whole new consciousness of being a parent or childcare provider

  • a practical guide - all research-backed, current, relevant and continual solutions from different professionals (psychotherapists, child development and special needs teachers)- to support you in being the best at parenting 

  • resources in English and Filipino on different parenting issues

  • services that include parent/ family coaching both in-person and online, resource speaking, private classes for parent-teacher-child groups, trainings, and workshops, and development of learning modules

  • We've launched our TOY RENTAL SUBSCRIPTION!


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