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Glorious mess Part 1: Dough

Much as I am swamped with chores and two weeks laundry, I had to oblige- wearing my Pinterest bonnet and setting aside my ill feelings towards glitters and flour.

So we used the following:

In a bowl, you'll need 1 cup flour, half cup to 3/4 cup fine salt, 1 cup water, 1 spoon of oil, and some glitters if you love them, and lastly, add any color you'd like. I collected discarded markers at school and just put in more water into the marker tube and squeezed any remaining color left.

Just like in baking, mix the dry ingredients first before pouring into the liquid mixture.

Mix and mix, and add flour for desired consistency. We wouldn't want it to be sticking to our hands. After a good mix, transfer the dough onto a flour-sprinkled mat. Give it pulls and rolls and taps until nothing sticks to your hands. Keep putting flour should you need. (Now you know my measurements above are not entirely accurate, ha!)

There we go, soft and squishy mess means endless fun (and scrubbing)! I added some lavender oil, a drop actually, for added luxury.

These last for two weeks. Keep refrigerated when not in use. They easily harden too after a few minutes- perfect for some serious crafting.



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