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'Musta, Mama?

How are you, mom? Why are you still up? You didn't follow some friend's advice to sleep while the baby sleeps, no?

Three years ago, in your same place, I would have died if one more friend of mine tells me to 'sleep when the baby sleeps'!!!

So tell me, how are you really? Still have energy left? Good!

I just want to tell you: think of yourself sometimes. In fact, a lot of times. Don't give everything to the world and leave nothing for yourself please.

This new phase, this whole motherhood thing, is not easy! Let yourself grow into it and learn from it. Take it easy; listen to yourself and watch yourself bloom.

Not every day is a breeze. You might feel no one understands you-not even your husband. A lot of families out there do not realize that parenting is an art; no one really knows what they are in for!

You've gone through crazy birthing pains and joy- don't miss the fact that it takes time to heal.

When that tiny, darling love cries for you, breathe. I know you are beyond exhaustion, overwhelmed with emotions, like we all are, or were.

It's okay to say, "I can't believe I can't do this."

"I'm not winging it. I thought I could. I have been with little kids all my life!"

"Go back to my tummy, you little, needy love. Oh but I love you."

It's okay to admit that our lives are completely changed hereon-scary as it sounds. The first six weeks or so are pretty much like a rollercoaster or a dropzone of our emotions- on repeat 100 times in a day. The only thing we can do is strap ourselves up. Scream if we must; vomit if you need to. At the end of the day, or at the end of the every ride, there we are- still one whole piece, still a survivor.

I may not be able to come to your home right now, but I want to tell you as you are reading this: keep confident.

Believe you're in charge. You are whom your child needs!

If you feel like giving up (again), call me.

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