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I am One Tired Mama!

So many goings-on, so much thinking to do, and I feel stuck in the cycle of taking care of my little boy, conjuring meal ideas, cleaning up, repeated lots of times in a day. My little ball of energy has been sucking the power out of me too with us singing and dancing to break the cycle.

These past few days, I have used anxiety and self-pity to clean all parts of the house until I was dead-tired. The difference between falling asleep and passing out (of exhaustion, while nursing my little boy) is crystal clear to me. Sleep is also something I have not been getting much of lately. I have thought of sleep more than the hours I did it. With all that I know and with all that I have learned in my profession, I still question myself!

I realized I did not at all find time for me. I have put myself last in all the things I am juggling. So one night, with the little energy I have left, and as my boy slept soundly, I read up on self- care.

I have made Dr Bryson my go-to chronicles, my source of inspiration and enlightenment. I went through my notes when I attended her seminar. And she stated, sleep is the silent culprit we usually ignore. Our ability to care or provide and be at your best DEPENDS on our self- care! We need to re-fuel and sharpen the saw. I missed ‘me’ out, the crucial part of this whole parenting craze.

It's funny how parenting is- absolutely not absolute. There is a call to be selfless, yet some frown upon being a 'martyr' and giving yourself away til you are bled dry, while others put self- care and themselves on a pedestal. Contrasting, confusing chaos, this parenting.

What are your self-care rituals? Enlighten and share with us, please.

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Loads of love and gratitude to you!

We’re all in this together!

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