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Women Empowerment Month

Present Parenting Solutions honors women and the role they continue to play in our society!
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Mom Anne of Dev Depot

Parents’ love knows no bounds! The creators of Dev Depot have weaved a dream around their little love- Zen. She is their BIG WHY.

Zen is the heart and soul of Dev Depot, and the products have evolved along with her development. For parents Anne and Brian, the business was a matter of determining the proper design, using the right materials, and making it happen. They said, if we dont make this happen, her development will suffer. We dont know everything. But we just couldnt stand down and not do anything.


With the blessings of various physical therapists, occupational therapists, speech therapists, and play collaborators, Dev Depot’s toys continue to be blessings for all play lovers and play advocates in the Philippines! (See in FB: @devdepotph)

Mom Liz

I am a Mom of two beautiful kids, Reiley almost 4yo and Lorenzo 2yo. I never thought that I would become a Stay-at-Home-Mom after living a corporate life for 12 years in the beauty industry. It started when I went back to work after my maternity leave and my eldest daughter refused to bottle-feed when I was at work. This went on for a month where my daughter had a hunger strike and will just feed when I’m back home. So my husband and I decided to focus on our daughter’s well-being first before anything else. Fast forward to now, we have been hands-on parents to our children for 4 years. I can say that living the Mom life is the best life. No regrets. They’re not all hugs and kisses, but lots of tears, screams, tantrums and other crazies, too!

My parenting principle is that when my children seek our attention, we drop everything and give our full attention to them. As they say, “Our children didn’t get to choose their parents, but we chose to become their parents”. Present parenting is a big challenge but so worth it. I see this more with our eldest daughter, Reiley, since our second is just 2yo. She’s very independent and talks to us like a “big kid”. She helps with household chores, cleans up after her mess and she says sorry after her melt downs when she realizes her “not-so-nice” actions. She started to help taking care of her brother too when she was only 1yr and 9mos old. As for my baby boy, Lorenzo, we have a different parenting style with him as he has his own naughtiness and quirks. We smother him with much love and attention and always remind him to have gentle hands and to always share when playing with other people. His meltdowns are different, he would lie on the floor whether it’s on floor tiles or the pavement with his face flat on the floor! We just let him express his frustrations and cry himself out until he is ready to talk to us nicely. After meltdowns, he would just give his biggest and warmest hug to us.

Mindful, present parenting can be a challenge but it becomes easier with having a partner and teammate, my husband Roy. We have different opinions on most things but our parenting principle is the same... being present is the greatest present we can give our children.

Mom Allison

Venerable Trinkets- a hobby-turned-business, sprung from stresses of pregnancy and for want to pursue Mom’s love for crafting!


Mom Allison bought some raw materials and started making samples. She said, A lot of my friends told me to consider selling it, so I did. Then eventually I found out that I can also preserve breastmilk and other DNAs with resin. I tried it and I loved it because seeing a lot of breastfeeding mommies’ stories and journey, I know that it’s really precious. Keeping and preserving it is really meaningful.


Venerable Trinkets products are resin-made jewelries. Simple yet unique. They named our online shop Venerable Trinkets after our 1st child-to-be, Sebastien meaning “Venerable” and since we preserve Breastmilk and other DNAs, we thought it really matches the description of our products.

Mom Juliene

The things I struggle with the most would be the doubt that constantly shadows every choice I make, from the food that gets plated each meal time to the amount of time I spend with each child. I lie in bed at night and wonder, did I hold them long enough today? Did I speak kindly enough, did I have patience when they needed Mama to be their safe space? Did I ground them when they were overwhelmed, did I hear what they were not saying when it mattered most? It's recently been brought to light that I have PPD, and fighting through that has proven tough, but necessary to break through that darkness so my boys can live in the light. In our home, we celebrate kindness, generosity of praise and affirming each others existence - we honour God as much as we can and try to show our boys what it means to have a giving heart and to hold our little family in a sacred space, so they know we will always have each other.

Mom Eleanor

As a business mum, I always try to be the best at time management to fit in all of the things I have to do plus all of the things that I want to do. For a super mom like me, I make sure I prepare and organise everything a day in advance. We also have routines at home and I multitask so I can finish everything on time. After I finish everything, I make sure to spend time with my boys and that's the best part of my day.

Mom Roselle

I am Roselle Reidenbach de Pio. I am a mom of 3 kids with ages 20, 17, and 5. We enjoy stories as icing to our bedtime routine. My kids grew into teenagers who still cannot sleep without chatting with me, either by coming to me or by messenger. It has become our good night kisses and sweet dreams. This habit blossomed to more stories and sharings. Any Worry turns to questions. The questions sprout discussions. Discussions erase loneliness. This is how our family seals the bond. Our home is full of chitter-chatter, always exploring wishes and what-ifs. When morning comes, our day is synchronized to help each other both directly and indirectly with our goals. This way, we know each others' schedule. My children know if I stay at home or leave, what I will be doing, with whom, the time, and why. They know how I will go back and forth. They, too, in turn, share their what, where, when, with whom, why, and how. When they get back, it is another round of chitter-chatter. Present parenting is clear communication, and building trust. Parents deal with individuals. Each child is a unique human. Respecting their thoughts and opinions easily mirror to respect thoughts and opinions of others. These thoughts and opinions come in a range of emotions. Acknowledging the emotion allows me to strengthen their thought process. When they speak rudely, I acknowledge how they feel by identifying if they are disappointed, or evading, or defensive, etc. Then we process the what and why. This gives opportunity to guide them with a speech template, allowing them to express the emotion with a clearer flow of the reason for being upset. I am a present parent when I accept them even when they are wrong, or rude, or angry. The discipline comes naturally when their moment's thoughts are explored. They can even come up with their own solutions, which most of the time is an evolved idea from their solution and my solution. Supervising the outcome is allowing autonomy yet observing and keeping updated. It encourages them to be who they are and who they want to be. Because they love and respect us, they will mold themselves to our expectations. And because we love them with all their triumphs as well as mistakes, it is easy for them to trust us. We get to earn their love and respect and will want to mold themselves to our expectations. All I want my children to be is to be productive, harmonious, caring, reliable, persevering, thankful, forgiving, ethical, and of course, I can go on until tomorrow. When I wish them to be the best they can be, I have to be present in making sure that every single day, they can fulfil their wishes and explore their what-ifs.

Mom April

When Bon and I were first time parents, honestly, we didn’t have a clue about parenting. We consulted our parents, joined mommy groups and after all the researching, we asked ourselves, “What do we want our child to be?”. The answer was simple. We want her to be a happy child. We want her to enjoy her time being a kid and we want us to be a part of it. To actually be there as she goes through every milestone. I think that is what present parenting is about. We decided to introduce music and play when Bonita was 6 months and now she’s 3 with a 5-month old baby brother, Chino. Both of them enjoys all the talking, singing, and dancing that we do, and I must say that the results are amazing. It’s like magic!

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